There are three Snowballs ringtones available to download for free. In order to download them you must have a WAP enabled mobile phone (ie you are able to access online information)

To download, go into your phone's WAP browser, probably via "Connectivity". You're going to need to enter an address yourself. If you're not sure how to do this you should look for options such as "More" or "Options" or "Go To" and choose "Enter Address" or something similar. The address you enter depends on the ringtone you wish to download.

If you want to download the Monophonic ringtone (only one note played at a time), enter the address:

If you want to download the Polyphonic ringtone (more than one note played at a time but not an exact copy of the song), enter the address:

If you want to download the mP3 ringtone (full quality audio - not available on all phones), enter the address:

To download the files directly to your PC so that you can hear what they'll sound like or so that you can transfer them to your phone using a Data Cable or Infrared, Right-Click on the appropriate link above and choose "Save Target As". (Mac users hold down the "Control" button as you click on the link and select "Download this link to disk")