Title: Song About Christmas

Artist: The Snowballs

Genre: Comedy

Time: 3mins
Size: 4.13MB

Format: mp3 (192kbps)

Catalogue Number: EB65CD
We want to make it as easy as possible for you to use our song so you will find below not only a full quality copy of the song to play on the station but also a selection of copyright-free Jingles for you to play as well. If you do wish to use them we'd appreciate it if you would drop us a line to let us know at radioadmin@thesnowballs.com and help us to spread the word about the song.

SongAboutChristmas.mp3 (Catalogue Number: EB65CD)

Jingle 1: Everybody it's Christmas, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah! 14 secs / 228 Kb (Copyright Free)

Jingle 2: Father Christmas up the chimney
12 secs / 204 Kb (Copyright Free)

Jingle 3: A Happy Feeling! 13 secs / 214 Kb (Copyright Free)

Jingle 4: We'll all be singing this Christmastime! 13 secs / 214 Kb (Copyright Free)

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